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Saving up - THANK YOU!

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Hello readers,
I hope you all are well and hopefully had a great thanksgiving. Its good to be back home with the family and I definitely enjoyed some funny moments with my little sisters and mom last night.
As the year comes to an end, I've really had some time to reflex on my life journey thus far and it is amazing how much I've grown, the people i have met and how much I have learned this year. I have been lagging behind in terms of taking some time apart to really thank God for my life but every chance I get, I do say Thank you over and over to God for how far he has brought me.
I'm just not writing this because we just celebrated thanksgiving, but I do believe that every chance we get, we should give thanks for everything around us Good and bad.
Today I just wanted to share couple of pictures I took a few weeks back, inspired by one of my fav blogger Abby of the Theabby' I really adore her unique style and I just love visiting her blog everyday.
The second outfit, I wore to shop on Black Friday.
I'm pumped for the series of style posts I have in mind after finals are over, so definitely watch out for that. I will be sharing the little inspiration behind the series before I share.

I hope you all have an amazing and blessed weekend
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Fierce n luv

I re-created Abby's look with this zebra print coat that i adore

I absolutely love the look of my Afro now *Is been about 8 months i've transitioned*

Strictly Family dinner

Since our oven is always acting up, we cut up the turkey and here is our version lol 

What I'm loving Right now


Hello Readers,

Today I just wanted to share with you guys some of the items that I have been loving. Most of them are beauty item. I am fairly new to the whole make up thing and I have been trying to walk my way into finding what works for my skin and what doesn't. I have oily skin (I really hate it because I already have a big forehead so like, oil and big forehead is not a cute match). Anyways I have been watching lots of Youtube videos, in terms of finding people who have the same skin tone and the product that works for them. Anyways enough of the ranting...

Discaimer: When it comes to fashion or beauty, I don not like to spend too much. In terms of clothing, I love shopping on sales...Keep in mind just because i shop on sale all the time doesn't mean i'm cheap. I have an obsession with different Fabrics and textures so I do look for quality in clothing. And when it comes to beauty, at this stage in my life, I cannot afford mac or estee lauder or non of the high end stuff. I stick to lots of drugstore/ beauty supply makeup. When I'm capable of buying high end makeup will I do it?....YES!

I want you guys to share what you're loving right now. If you have any tips on Oily skin please don't hesitate to share as well. Thank you.

I just started using this product abt a month and half ago. I love that it doesn't feel heavy on my face and it moisturizes well. I am a big olay fan though. I have been using their quench body lotion since I got to the US

Can't go wrong with elf mehn....Amazing brush

This thing really works. Thanks to Youtube . My face still oils up but it stays matte for a very long time.

This is the trick y'all. I have been using roll on for years because i despite those stick deodorant. Actually I just tried the odyssey. I have been using Imari for years. Avon products are awesome

NYC sheer Red 309- very creamy and pigmented

Ruby Kisses in plum and Bordeaux. Love the matte finish and it stays on allllllll day!

Revlon Colorstay in neverending nude. This is my everyday lip gloss when i'm not wearing lipstick

The Merona gold watch. Gotta love Target

Oh my promise ring. Been wearing it everyday. I am crazy for Sapphire.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend
Fierce n Luv