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CURRENT FAVORITE DRESS (Inspired by the Nini Circle dress)

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Hello My fierce readers,

Today I'm sharing with you all one of my favorite dress inspired by a blogger I really look up to. I am talking about the Nini Nguyen of  ninistyle HERE. Her story about how she got into the fashion industry from being  an immigrant from Vietnam is quite inspiring. I really love to hear people's success story because it inspires others to see that dreams can come true if you work hard  and commit those dreams into God's hands.

I have shared and styled this dress HERE on the blog with a darker look. However, in this post, I restyled the same dress with some bright neon yellow wedges by Micheal Antonio. I hope you enjoyed!

Dress: Designed by me (sewn by my mom)
Shoes: Micheal Antonio Gallista
Clutch: Paul Mathurin (@ stylista)
Bracelets: Handmade by @kekefabulous

Here is nini's dress in green

I hope you all have a blessed week
Remember: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it"
Fierce n Luv

A compilation of what I wore this Summer

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Hello My Fierce Readers,

Since I didn't get a chance to post throughout the summer, I thought, I'll share with you all some of my summer outfits. As we say goodbye to the sunny months (My favorite time of the year), I hope you all stay warm, stay healthy and keep looking Fierce.

P.S I am currently working on putting a Fall  lookbook together. It will most likely be up before the week is over *Finger crossed*
EXCUSE THE QUALITY OF THE PICTURES...I'm not sure what happened to my original pics but I really want to share and be sure to Follow me on instagram @fierceboldnclassy (thank God for instagram)

I hope you all have a blessed week.
Remember: You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it
Fierce n Luv 

Haute Color and Rich Textures- Alexander McQueen Collection Fall 2013


Hello my Fierce Readers,

Yes, I understand its a little late to post Fall 2013 collections in the fashion world but why not when it's already Fall season.

Alexander Mcqueen is a designer I always thought had androgynous designs, mixing feminine and masculine pieces in a dark, sexy and unique way. The designer's 2013 Fall Collection is absolutely fabulous with detailed cuts, embroidery and embellishments. All of the designs includes velvet (very popular this season), full skirt, full sleeve blouse and baroque prints.....I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Personally, I've always loved the dark fall colors like black, oxblood and burgundy but I'm also loving the monochromatic all white or the classic black and white look transitioning from fall into winter. So I am hoping to incorporate these colors this fall and also look out for some pieces I can add to my closet and continue to use in the long run.


This last picture has all of my favorite looks from the collection- these pieces are seriously my style
Source: @theskinnybish on instagram
What piece is your favorite???

I hope you all have a blessed Weekend
Remember: This life was given to you because you are strong enough to live it"
Fierce n Luv

What I Wore to a Wedding


Hello My Fierce Readers,

I have been gone for a while (I know I know) BUT she's back. I have to get back to blogging to help release stress from school work this year. It's my last year in college and I am putting in everything I can this year, to make it better than the previous years. So please bear with me when I start to make some emotional blog posts (Maybe). I do plan on adding some new elements into the blog now that I have a new setup.

On to this Post:
I wore this outfit to a wedding last month. The wedding was absolutely beautiful on a hot Sunday. So I made sure my outfit was very airy and flowy. I hope you guys enjoy and please
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Pants: Gift from Mom
Blouse (separates): The blue denim peeking is by GUESS
Blazer and Envelope Clutch: Ebay
Lipstick: Wet n wild smokin' hot Pink 
(It can pass as a dupe for Mac's Candy YumYum)

That's the face you make when you are stuffed with food, puffpuff and chin-chin (Apparently those food take away your lipstick)

I Hope all you beautiful people have an Amazing new week
Remember: You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

Fierce n Luv



Hello Readers,
It's nice to have the sun out in its full bright glory and after long months of hard work, I decided to put my this lovely dress to work to brighten me up. Every girl likes to express her feelings through the clothing pieces she wears and these bright yellow wedges did exactly that for me. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a blessed week.

Dress: Kirna Zabate X Target
Shoes: Michael Antonio Gallista
Clutch: Ebay
Bracelet: Kadjewelries (check out kekefabulous on Instagram)
Earrings: Forever21

Remember:    “you were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it”

Fierce n Luv

Nigerian News in Fashion- Jewel and Lisa

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Hello Readers,
I mentioned earlier in the year that I will be doing few posts on what's going on in Nigerian Fashion. Today, I bring you a very popular, stylish and fierce design named Jewel by lisa. I have followed her line for the past two years and I think she is freaking talented and just absolutely creative with her use of the Ankara fabric and incorporating it into modern styles while maintaining her authenticity. Her design is so popular, she participated in the New York fashion week last year and many American Celebities like Kelis, Lala and Thandie Newton have been seen wearing her pieces.

I know it's a little late to put up spring collections, but I wanted to share anyways and let you my readers bask in a well crafted talent. I hope to meet her one day or even wear her design.

pictures via gidixclusive

Fierce n Luv

Splurge or Steal - Floral Pumps

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Hello My Fierce Readers,

Today, I wanna share with you all a blog post on my recent purchase. I was browsing through the internet the other day on floral pumps based on my recent purchase and I came across a blog about these same shoes. In January, I saw these floral pumps by Elle at Kohl's and I'm not sure what attracted me to them other than the fact that they were glossy and they stand out. I'm all about getting few pieces that most people would not normally reach for. Since our first encounter, I have been stalking the shoes to go on sales everyday (literally) and low and behold the night before I was going to run some errands around my nearest Kohl's I found out the shoes were on sales.

On the blog I came across and mentioned earlier, the Elle floral pumps are very similar to a Alice + Olivia floral pumps that retails for approximately $300. NOW are you ready to hear the price of the steal *Drumroll please*. The Elle floral pumps, originally retail for $60 I believe, they went on sales for $16.99 and your girl paid about $12.50 with coupons.

Source: cupcakes & couture

The point is not to show off how cheap I was able to get these shoes, but how to be wise in spending big amount of cash on certain item. Because these shoes are floral, it is going to be hard to get a lot of wear out of them. So finding a cheaper alternative or waiting for the shoes to go on sales is definitely a strategy that I use all the time. I believe I also shared this in my post about my Michael Antonio cutout wedges HERE.

Same story goes for the Enzo Angiolini Infiniti I just purchased
Retail for $110-120, Got them on sales for $28

So spend wise ladies especially for college Students like Myself
What are your trick when purchasing items you like but are beyond your price range?
I am really planning on making a consistent blog post on all the items I have purchased from the beginning of the year after I get a break from school. So pleae bear with me
I hope you all have a blessed weekend
Fierce n Luv

A casual sunday- Black, white and Neon

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Hello Readers,
     I promised to have better pictures the next time I have a post up. I hope I fulfilled that. My photographer (my sister) is beginning to get tired of me always wanting to take pictures :(
    Today I want to share with you a short story about myself that can well apply to anyone out there. I start this blog post with a picture of my back turned because I want to center an idea around the fact that when we have our backs turned to the world people judge us and make assumptions about our well- being. People hate you because of what they see yet they don't know what you battle with behind closed doors. We all judge people to a certain extend but with the things that I continue to experience in life, I am slowly learning to reduce how I might quickly judge the person next to me.
    So what do I do to sometime keep myself going in the midst of the crazy things that happen in life, I love to dress up. The mornings I wake up with 0 to negative strength (due to a medical condition), I cry to God acknowledging my physical weakness and trust that he will carry me on his wings to get all that I need to get done for the day. Sunday's are one of my Favorite day of the week and I showcase strength and joy in the way that I present myself through dressing up. Though I attend a small fellowship gathering on campus, I'm always sure I make myself look as presentable as I can most days.
   People ask me why I dress the way I do sometimes even during the week, not to say there aren't other students who dress way nicer than I do...BUT I hope you get the point. 


I hope you all enjoy the photos and that berry looking Lipstick by wet n wild is my current fav right now. It instantly changes the look of my face. Thank you all!

If any of my readers have any suggestions on what they might like to see on the blog
I'm really trying to get more views on the blog, so I'm open to suggestions
Have a blessed week
Fierce n Luv

Black and White - Spring 2013 trend


Hello readers,
It's been a while...just a typical life of a college student. I try to stop by when I can to put up a style post.The classic Black and White has been everywhere from the runway to bloggers sites, but the good thing is that black and white has always been a classic from season to season. This outfit is just two ways I wear the same outfit casual and a little dressy. My shirt is a beige color i'm aware...just please go with the flow lol. I apologize for the roughness in the pictures, they where taken in a rush as I was running errands around town.  Be sure to follow me on instagram if you haven't yet @fierceboldnclassy. Here we are...

I throw on these John Lennnon shades and I instantly feel like i'm walking on the moon
what a feeling!
Skirt: Forever 21
Blouse: Walmart
Purse #2: Ebay

Thanks for visiting
I promise to have better pics on my next post
Fierce n Luv