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If you don't already know I've got mad love for the girls from the 4acesdate blog. These four girls are Nigeria natives *makes me so happy and inspires me* namely: Abby, Cookie, Kaven and Ozzy. I swear I STALK their website everyday.....notice i said STALK. Seriously, these are four hardworking young women who are busy with school and work still create time to look fabulous and share some of their great style on their blog. My favorite of course is Abby. I cant explain why I love Abby sooo much, but I just do, Plus everytime I post her picture on my facebook wall, everyone is like she looks like you. These days, I look in the mirror and I tell myself  "I do see the Abby cheecks" lol. Enough of the creppy talk. Below is a most recent picture of the girls and you can check out their website at





I hope you all have a great weekend
Fierce and love

Gotta Love you some Abby

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Just in case you guys don't know I love the4acaes of the 4acesdate. My favorite is ABBBBBBY! My gosh, I think she has mad style and I have been following her blog since last summer *although, i didn't officially click the follower button* Anyways, I will be sharing lots of style posts from her a lot now but here is her most recent style post from her trip to visit Ozzy in Nigeria. You just gotta love these girls

Ozzy on left, Abby on the right

Their afro is popping huh? phew....will get there one day

You can visit the 4acesdate at
and visit abby's blog at theabby'

I dont know if im looking forward to the summer
but I'm glad the sun is slowing staying here in riverside.
And I do hope for something interesting to happen after this stressful school year is over

Fierce and love

Solange's outfit at Salvatore Ferragamo

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          Color blocked Satin pants and Blazer with a touch of black printed blouse, do we love it?
                         P.S i freaking loveeeeee her hair. I've always wanted to try big hair. hmmm???


Fierce and Luv

Rising Again- Happy Easter!!!

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Happy Easter everyone,
 I hope everyone is enjoying this day. I Know I did, not only because of the delicious Ham, mashed potatoes, greens and buttery biscuits I had at my pastor's house but because of the reason we actually celebrate Easter. The resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This post is not to preach, its just to call everyone's attention to something important. You don't have to a christian to read and understand this, Its just a little message I thought I'll share.

Today's service my pastor gave three important message about Resurrection which are:
-The VALIDITY of Resurrection- documentation that shows Jesus lived, died and rose again.
- The VALUE of Resurrection- confirmation of salvation and conquering on death
- The VICTORY of Resurrection- victory over sin through resurrection.

Throughout the HISTORY of religion, Christ was the only teacher who died and rose again. This rising from the death is what makes Christianity distinctive from every other religion. Because he died we could live.

The moral of this whole story is LOVE. LOVE so huge, no one can comprehend. Love so great, he forgot his glory and laid his life for people who do not deserve it (b/c our sinful nature). When he went up on the cross he didn't specify who he was dying for, he died for everyone (Muslims, Jews, traditional worshipers etc). We still do not live a perfect life because of our sinful nature but One thing he assures us is ETERNAL LIFE, which no other great religion teacher promise its followers.

So it is true when they say LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Love can make one do unimaginable things like dying on a old raggedy cross. An interesting sentence I got from my daily devotion few days ago goes:
Lord, help us to love with pure motives and for the good of others. Help us to love unconditionally, expecting nothing in return. —David Roper. THATS TRUE LOVE, LOVING WITHOUT ANY IMPULSE.

I hope I didn't bore you all, BUT HOPEFULLY gave you all something to think about. For me, when anyone ask me if I'm scared to die, my answer is No! I am not afraid of death because I have been promised eternity.

I Hope you all have a great week
Fierce and Luv

Brandy's new hair- Featured on YRB MAGAZINE Photo Spread

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Brandy just got a haircut....WHAT??? Yes!
I think she looks fabulous with the haircut. From what I have seen, haircuts makes you look years younger and gives you that sharp distinctive look. Below are few pics from the shoot. ENJOY!!!


I hope you all are looking forward to a great weekend
Fierce and Luv


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I dont think I have to mention that Rihanna is just one of the top Celeb who changes their hair like we change our Underwear *Not literally, Im just exaggerating lol*. But I'm saying, this girl can pull a short hair today and pull out a Rapunzel looking length the next day. Im not a big fan of riri's music *I used to be obsessed with her way back and then I got the "you look like Rihanna" compliment when I had my short hair*, but I have always loved most of her hairstyles. HERE is here newest style, BACK TO BLACK.

Fierce n Luv

Makeup Alley and Bordeaux Lips


Earlier last month I shared on my "Right now im loving post" HERE
a green dress by NINI of I said that I was gonna bug my mom to make a replica for me and behold she did with this fabric I have been saving for a year now. Yea that was birthday gift from MAMA to me.

I visited CVS today after church, I cant remember exactly why i was there again LOL but I just was and decided to take some photos in there. Speaking of Drugstore, there is a brand (RUBYKISSES) I just discovered and I have been trying some of their product. Few weeks ago, I bought their Bordeaux lipstick because I have been hungry for some of that color. I tried it today and mixed it with NYC wine lipstick...absolutely love the results.

A DIY necklace

Nini's dress. I just love everything about the structure of the dress, very feminine yet has fierceness to it.


The whole look was made with drugstore makeup. Maybelline Fit foundation, Elf eyeshadow, Nyx concealer, Ruby Kisses Lipstick mixed with Nyc berry lipstick

Im startingto fall in love with the forever 21 nailpolish. Here I have the F21 nail polish in sea green i think, the orange is by Sinful color(drugstore) and top coat is Ruby Kisses(luv the finishing shine)

Dress- DIY (by mommy dearest)
Necklace- DIY
Purse- Store Somewhere lol
Sunglasses- Forever 21
Shoes- Fahrenheit
Ring- gift
I hope you all have a great week
Until next time
Fierce n Luv