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Yesterday was very tiring from a church member birthday party on Saturday and so was the day after. But the way I was brought up, no matter what you get up every Sunday morning ready to go to church. So let's just say I was on the go...LITERALLY. I just picked out these two pieces from my closet. I have had them both since last summer and I tell you sometimes the unplanned outfit comes out just fine.

For my hair, I don't know if it is just me but I find the funkiest hairdo's when my braids get old. ON Saturday I had it braided from the back forward and then wrapped up. Yesterday i had it braid to the front and then wrapped in a bun just like solange's. ORANGE LIPS, NUDE EYES...YEA!

Crochet tank- target
Floral skirt- DIY
Crochet necklace- Gift 
Quilted purse- Ebay
Strappy wooden sandals- Target

Have a beautiful week
Fierce n luv

Like Audrey Hepburn...with colors

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When I posted one of these photos on instagram yesterday, a friend comment was that my look reminds her of Audrey and I looked up Audrey on Google. I know she's a fashion icon(That's about all I know about her) but while taking a look at her pictures again, I fell in love with a specific picture of her in a black dress and pearl necklace which is exactly what my dress is.

With a lot of stress on life in general, I usually like to seduce my eyes with items I have been checking out for a while, plus it's summer, so why not.

I have been looking for retro round sunglasses forever...I MEAN FOR-EVER. Yea, I know they are everywhere, but I wanted something more sophisticated and a little different from what everyone has. So when I came across these on Ebay the other day, I immediately jumped on it without any further questions. I love the yellow/orange tone with a cut out arrow on the sides. GORGEOUS!

Dress- H&m
Retro Sunglasses- Ebay
Envelope clutch- Ebay
Pumps- Old
multicolor Bracelet- Boutique

Lost Looks from the Past

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Hello Readers,
I felt like posting something this morning, and i thought why not post some looks I didn't get a chance to post on this blog, meaning some of my favorite looks before I started this blog. I hope you all enjoy!
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Christmas 2011

Last summer

Last summer

My very own design, from the scratch, sewn by mom, designed by me to show my love for animal prints                                                                                                                             

Some fashion shows I have participated in- Mocolatee winter 2012 fashion show
Fashion show I volunteered for at my school
I remember this like yesterday, The first fashion show I hosted in High school before graduating and made the school Newspaper
 My Friend just opened her jewelry line few months back.
Here are some of the shots
Check out Menugu designs on etsy or search on Facebook

Fierce n Luv

Girl meets boy


Hallo again!
Let's just say this summer has being a mixture of different feelings for me. Emotions running around town, good time with family, bad times with friends, laughter, crying, yelling- yea! it was a nice little Roller coaster. I believe that no matter what happens in your head, in your home,at work or wherever, it is very important to come out smiling in Public *Makes people wonder what's going on in your head without actually guessing it right*. For one thing, I'm not actually a great example of people who smile on the outside because according to people I frown a lot and I have my reason which I really hate to explain.

Meanwhile, I decided to put this look together since....March! I know bad bad bad. But then I do like to bring out an outfit that has been living in my head at the snap of a finger. I bought the shoes for my birthday(March :0) as well as the bowtie. That's how long ago the outfit has been put together.

These all fit into my intro paragraph just to say, I can sometimes vent with my outfits. I feel like a real woman inside with real emotions as well as the little masculinity helping me stay strong through life's roller coaster. I'm thankful though, and I have prayed to God to let the next six months of this year be reflective of something positive in my life.

Jezebel slouchy pants- Online
Striped Leotard shirt- thrifted
Red bowtie- Ebay
Handbag- Olivia and Joy
Caged wedges-

 By the way, I got a new camera and I haven't gotten around the setting yet, still playing around a bit
you all enjoy a blessed week
Fierce and love,