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Hair Update- TheTransitioning Fro


Hello everyone,
Just wanted to share my hair update with you all.
 I can be very spontaneous when it comes to hair styles. I just go with the flow and never have any hairstyle planned. When I went off to college two years ago, I chopped my hair and did the whole Rihanna short hair thing. I knew I was going to keep that hairstyle until my hair was healthy enough to get a weave again or whatever the case might be.

Well my friends, by last year December, I was tired of re-trimming my hair every 3 months and styling it the same way, so i decided to get braids (i absolutely loved it). By doing this i was hoping to grow out the top part of my hair, restyle it and keep it pushing. After taking the briads out, I couldn't find anyone to re-braid them for me and my hair has been lacking relaxer for abt 2 month *new growth and everything*. Thanks to visiting (i love that girl <3), (Cookie"s hair is absolutely gorgeous) and everyday, I now wanna try the whole natural thing.

For now, my hair is about three month transitioning and im loving it. I do have frustrating days (really frustrating and annoying days lol) where this hair will just sit there and do NADA. For about 4 weeks, I had on all type of scarves, turban and hats *Thank God*. For my birthday, i decided to try something I saw from a video on youtube, put some tiny roller in my hair after a Cowash and let it air dry and i absolutely love the result. Since last Thursday, I've been putting the rollers before bed when im not lazy and moisturize my hair with scurl and a little bit of oil in the morning.

random picture- "Although, Im 19, Im still a kid at heart and my fav Cereal is cornflakes"

Fav shot on web cam. I mean everything looks good in black and white right?

Just found Out I took few pictures of my a jumpsuit fit for my birthday and thought i'll share.
Me and my old roommate ordered this one shoulder jumpsuit on ebay, Freshmen year
I wore it as strapless bc i'm not a big fan of one shoulder clothes, top it with my Mossimo blazer

That necklace was a DIY project, will be talking about it later

Cant wait to share my next post on sunday
I hope you all are having a great week so far
Fierce n Luv

The weekend- Bday!


OK so quick summary of the past week. Finals of course and then my Birthday was Thursday. Im super Grateful to God for everything, because my life itself is a testimony. And Im also thankful for how much i continue to grow each day mentally, spiritually and physically??? NAH! lol

This has to be my best birthday yet. OH! I turned nineteen *I knw i"m a baby, i get that a lot*. Let me give you a lil history about me and Birthdays. I see MY birthday as any other day of the year, except Im now a year older, give thanks to God by giving a testimony in church and call it a day. P.S ironically, I love celebrating other people's birthday. I go all out for close friends, to make sure i do everything i can to make it a special day for them.

 I'm the kind of girl who does not like too much attention and what not, I love everything in moderation. Casual is good enough for me. Initailly, I just planned dinner with my friends at school But My friend decided to surprise me this year, which really made me happy. I have a childhood friend who lives in Texas and haven't seen in about 5 yrs. She surprised me by flying down to LA for the weekend. SURPRISE!

Pictures from Dinner and others

with my beautiful childhood friend

Marylin Monroe

Michael Jackson. Oh did I mention, my Friend's boyfriend have mad style

Heading to Zara

I learned this is his everyday look- INTERESTING!

Waiting in line for that ride at knotts

Looking forward to a well rested week
I hope you all have a great week
Fierce and LUv



If you l recalled, I recently shared a post called Face of the day- Chika Emmanuel. I briefly gave an introduction to the Arise Magazine Fashion week, which started this week, featuring 77 African designer. I promised to share some of the pictures, so here they are,



 Absolutely love the fitted dress and coral necklace
there goes Chika Emmanuel, such strong features

love the sequin Jacket

Luv Luv Luv- The whole fit screams Spring

Can never go wrong wearing silver or black accessories
There is something about this dress I adore. I don't know if its the mesh with the gold details or the high neck
Absolutely gorgeous evening wear

I love everything about this dress because its lace duhh

I guess Menfashion just joined the color block family

 I love the trimmings of ankara on the men's pant leg, So casual yet stylish

Well here you have it, please comment on what designers you like
I will try to post more pictures as they event keeps going
I hope you all have  a great weekend
Fierce n Luv