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The following are pics I have gathered for the past few weeks, from wishlist to a post i forgot to share last week.

Floral Fishtail skirt: I have been seeing this fishtail skirts all over the place, mostly in color black which is boring to me. But i was looking through look book the other day and saw this floral one. I love the way the girl is wearing it with a cut out loose button down shirt. P.S Those sunglasses are B.A.D
I have been staring at this dress for a long time. I haven't seen too much dresses in a skater dress cutout with mess. So i decided to order it for my upcoming Birthday (woohoooo!)
EMMA WATSON: I really love this red dress Emma wore to the Oscars last night. very simple with the full details on the right shoulder. Makes me wanna go to a ballroom dance.
Those shoes though: I saw this pics today and the first thing that caught my eyes are those shoes. I mean what is there to not like about it, its funkyness, the clog-like structure, its black. Just my taste!
Another lookbook find. love the mesh, the polkadot details and its mint! *pastels are in now*
I'm trying to experiment with my hair (try the going natural thing) for the next few months and i just love the pic of the hairstyle on the top right. Reminds me of Eva Pigford
This neckalace: I saw this necklace on DIY project website last week and I've been trying to find time to do it. I tried last night and failed successfully lol. I gotta try again
NINI: this lady is just absolutely a diva. She is one of my favourite blogger and i love this dress because of its simplicity and its edgyness. Im bugging my mom to make a look alike for my birthday *2nd birthday dress* hehe
lastly lastly, I was suppose to put this up this week but ehn, I was too lazy. But it was quite warm in Riverside last Thursday.I decided to simply wear some faux ripped taupe leggings, a tank top and denim jacket with a turban of course. Im soo obsessed with turban these days.


Enjoy the week
Fierce n Luv,

African Designers Rising- Wana Sambo Collection

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Wana sambo is an upcoing designer in Nigeria. Apprently this is her second collection from her debut titled I AM WOMAN. I'm loving the cuts to the slits and mesh. I think the design has lots sassiness, fierceness and sophistication to it.

fierce n luv
source: Bella naija


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Hello readers,
Last weekend we celebrated my roommate 21st birthday at a bowling alley in Hollywood. I must say it was quite a nice lil outing as it was a surprise. we all decided to wear black as the main color while she wore a sequin gold dress to stand out as the birthday girl.

I wore this loose black dress with drapes on the side. Interesting story about the dress: I bought it when i visited Berkeley last spring break at UC Berkeley's student campus store for .....$9 yea? For some odd reason i cant seem put an all black outfit together from H to T, so i added this orange belt and wore it backwards hehe. enjoy the pictures!

    with my beautiful roomie :)

I hope you all have a blessed weekend
Fierce and Love


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This is a quick post on today's outfit. Its nothing too detailed since I haven't been feeling too good for a couple of days now.  I hope everyone had a beautiful day today and shared it with the people they love. Not necessarily the opposite sex...JUST people you actually care about in general.

This outfit basically consist of sequins, polka dots and military detailed boots.
Cow neck shirt
Unfinished DIY Polka dot skirt 
Faux Suede coat
Frye Boots replica (Military style)

Enjoy the rest of the night
Fierce n luv


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I just wanted to share my love for clogs. I used to think clogs are one of the most ugliest shoes anyone can own (or maybe all the ones I always saw were ugly) but anyways I fell in love with Clogs this summer, I think they are comfortable and add a little something to a casual outfit. I love these ones I bought from target last summer. ENJOY!

Black maxi dress
Baby blue/greenish cropped top
Mossimo clogs