Hello Everyone,
Just a lil introduction here. My name is toyosi. I attend UC Riverside (Business major yeah!!!!) and I live in LA.  A lot of friends have advised me to create a fashion blog, well thanks to them here I am starting something new for Myself. I'm super duper excited, I can see this blog progressing hopefully in few years. But Anyways....lets talk a little fashion here. On this blog, I hope I'm able to create styles, show off my style and establish the essence of being stylish. As you can tell from the title of my blog my style can be simply defined as Fierce, Bold and Classy. I'm really looking forward to becoming a designer in the future, as for now, Im just doing school work. Enough stories, I just hope you guys will be able to take a gradual journey with me as I start this very important part of life.

Fierce n Luv.

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2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. We will definitely follow ur blog,and i must say dis is a superb way of show ur God giving talent,thumbs up toyosi. And hope U give little hint abt men's fashion aswel.

  2. thank you Benjamin...i will definitely be sharing some men fashion here once in a while.