Like Audrey Hepburn...with colors

When I posted one of these photos on instagram yesterday, a friend comment was that my look reminds her of Audrey and I looked up Audrey on Google. I know she's a fashion icon(That's about all I know about her) but while taking a look at her pictures again, I fell in love with a specific picture of her in a black dress and pearl necklace which is exactly what my dress is.

With a lot of stress on life in general, I usually like to seduce my eyes with items I have been checking out for a while, plus it's summer, so why not.

I have been looking for retro round sunglasses forever...I MEAN FOR-EVER. Yea, I know they are everywhere, but I wanted something more sophisticated and a little different from what everyone has. So when I came across these on Ebay the other day, I immediately jumped on it without any further questions. I love the yellow/orange tone with a cut out arrow on the sides. GORGEOUS!

Dress- H&m
Retro Sunglasses- Ebay
Envelope clutch- Ebay
Pumps- Old
multicolor Bracelet- Boutique

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