Not planned...

Hello readers,

Just a mixture of everything, I planned on talking some good pictures yesterday because i was feeling the simplicity of my outfit, but my schedule got a little crowded that I could not get good shots like I planned. Yesterday was my younger sister birthday and we all went out to have a relaxing time at the mall after an early evening meal at a Thai Restaurant.

My Afro is back and I so love the way it makes my face look wayyyyy younger


My 17 year old younger sister, all grown up

Picked up a blazer for my mama

Speaking of which, I came across these platform sandals for sale. How I love the simplicity but I didn't purchase

Totally loving the blue shadow to match my collar haha

Peter Pan Chiffon shirt- Ebay
Snake Print pants- 599 fashion
Purse- Store

Have a great week
Fierce n Luv

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