A little push...

The past few weeks has absolutely being a drag for me. There isn't too much to do and everywhere I go there is way too much tension around me *Maybe it's just me*. I am absolutely ready to be back in school. 
This outfit I wore to church on Sunday.
Sometimes, I like to imagine myself already doing my dream job *Accountant (Audit)*. This look is office chic and comfortable. Everything is fitted loose with a touch of spikes peeking from my pants.
I just love the hint of the 70's all over the look from the curly fro to the dark plum lips to the Pussy bow tie blouse
Blouse- Gift
Pants- Vintage Raulph Lauren(Gift)
Envelope Clutch- Ebay
Oversized watch- Target
*I know I absolutely instagrammed all my pics. For one thing I hate that I cannot keep up with technology. I bought a better Camera than before and I just cannot work it :( * 

 I do hope you all have a blessed and peaceful week :D

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