5 Things You Need This Summer

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When we talk about style and fashion, we have to remember that it includes other things that goes on behind the scenes (I'll explain what I mean), whether that's comfort or sanitary wise. When you wear clothes, your undergarments are just as important in adding confidence to your overall look. The same concept goes for the shoes that we wear. 

Today I will be sharing with you what I think every girl or woman should have in her closet. As you can see in the title, I have selected 5 items I find extremely important for me as I style trendy pieces this season. 

1. BRALETTE: I personally hate bras everyday of the year because of how uncomfortable it could be throughout the day especially in the summer. Last summer, i discovered these bra things, I would refer to as a bralette. They are basically padded bandeau shaped like a bra without the under wire. I find it to be supper comfortable and they should work for people with a bigger cup size as well. They are also stylishly made so you can wear them like the crop top style in trend....if you are comfortable.

2. SEAMLESS PANTIES: If you don't already know, I think every girl/woman should own a few pair of these. Now I didn't find out about these until late last year when I was looking for the right underwear for a sheer dress I got. These panties basically do not have seams on the edges, so it gets rid of lines appearing under your skirts, pants or fitted dresses. I believe these are available at Target, Forever 21, H&M and I'm sure Victoria Secret sells them too.

3. BACKLESS STICKY BRA: Wherever panties are mentioned, bras should be mentioned too because they go hand in hand. Anyways, everyone is in love with the backless tops and dresses trend from red carpet dresses to everyday clothing pieces. So if you are not already aware, you need these sticky bra situation in your underwear collection if you will be wearing backless pieces of clothing this summer. Again these should be available at any store that sells underwear. 

I also like that they come in different shapes to fit different preferences. I have seen some regular looking ones, some padded for extra volume or support, some low cuts and some bodysuit shaped ones.

4. BALL OF FOOT CUSHION: Single sole strappy sandals are in trend this summer and because some of these sandals make your feet arch so high, you may need a ball of feet cushion to help reduce the stress on your feet. This also makes you wear the shoes longer with a bit more comfort. I believe Dr Scholls is well known for making a product like this.

5. DISINFECTING WIPES: I know this is not considered a beauty product but I could be a germaphobe sometimes especially when it starts to get hot and sweaty. I use these wipes to clean the inside of my shoes when i take them off. It generally takes away the dirt marks and some sweat marks from wearing your shoes all day. I also suggest having a good ole hand sanitizer in your purse....just to be sanitary conscious.  

I hope you all enjoyed this post
Until next time (I'll be out of school in a few weeks then I should be back to consistent blogging)

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