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Hello readers,
This is another segment on my blog for the year. In this segment I will be showing bits of some new items in my closet. Just a little story about how I Shop, I only shop for pieces of clothing depending on what I want for the season. I do not shop in massive haul....I repeat, I DO NOT SHOP IN MASSIVE HAUL. It does make me happy when I do buy that one piece that looks great in my Closet and it looks great on me as well.

BACK to this post, recently I purchased the Micheal Antonio Gallista which I've had my eyes on forever. I mentioned here before that I am a Bargain shopper. I like to wait for most items to go on sales before getting my hands on them. Sometimes the result is positive, other times (well it's gone). I got these shoes which retail for about $129 on sales for $34 on Amazon. Oh the joy that fills my heart as I talk to you. This is the shot I took on Instagram recently [Follow me @fierceboldnclassy].

LO AND BEHOLD! P.S these are an early Birthday present to myself. I buy Myself a fabulous pair of shoes on my birthday yearly

Isn't this Micheal Kors Croc Clutch Amazing?
But I can't afford a 1000+ clutch

So I got these "limited edition" splurge
at target. They look better in person 

I hope you all have an amazing and blessed weekend
I haven't forgotten about the last post "classy" from the series I started last year
I just didn't get time to take pictures when I had the outfit on.
Fierce n Luv

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2 Responses to “In My Closet NOW! - Micheal Antonio Gallista”

  1. Those shoes are hot! Nice find. I usually have a hard time waiting things out but I must try

    1. Thank you! I feel like buying things on sales is a game, sometimes, you get to it,other times you're out of luck. Thanks for visiting!