Introducing Nigeria news in fashion - TY Bello

I thought I'll start a new segment on the blog talking about the recent news in Nigerian fashion because I do find interesting things from time to time.

I'm doing this post because somebody I know always tell me I look like TY Bello. Idk.
I don't know too much about this lady but I have heard few of her political songs which basically talks about the spoils and corruption in Nigeria. I think she is very unique in her own way and this month she's on the cover of style Mania, A nigerian magazine OF COURSE! and she looks stunning with the jean jumpsuit. Her  Afro reminds me of my new hair.

source: Bellanaija

Check our her video below:
This one is my fav

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3 Responses to “ Introducing Nigeria news in fashion - TY Bello”

  1. TY Bello is amazing. She has an old album called Greenland. It was gospel pretty much but done so artistically... can you tell I'm a fan? hee-hee. She's into photography now. Last I heard she was doing a project in Northern Naija. Beautiful babe who's definitely Fierce & Bold as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ms Ola. Looks like she's a bag of talent. I just love her simplicity. Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out other blogpost :)

  2. I was super excited d day I saw her in person! She's sooo beautiful, d forros dnt do her justice at all!