Its the month of love....What are you wearing

Hello readers,
Today I will be sharing some outfit inspiration for valentine's day. You don't necessarily need to wait for valentine's day to wear this and I was sure to make dressy outfits for an everyday look and  casual fits as well. I have always wondered what it might feel like to go on a date night dressed up and all but God knows that day will be here soon. So I let my imagination run wide with these outfit creation. Enjoy!!!

This one is my personal favorite (classy dinner date). At least something I picture myself wearing and can pull off something close to it right outta my closet. The red pump adds some fierceness.

This one I think is soo soo classy for dinner or any special occasion with boyfriend/hubby. You can never go wrong with a white/cream dress for elegance and a touch of these neon pink classic pumps. Gotta add the Faux Fur for that Classy touch.

This one I think is very casual yet sophisticated (for movies with the boyfriend or picnic at the park). this can also be worn by anyone on a regular day. The texture and color of the skirt will always give you that girly/flirty look.

Last but not the least for my girls who loves a pair of jeans and blazer (to dinner or just to take romantic walk with boyfriend/hubby). Printed jeans is popular right now, so here you have it with a peplum lace top for sexiness and a bright colored blazer or toned down with this amazing camel tone blazer and a pop of these green heels or flats.

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have a blessed and amazing weekend
Fierce n Luv

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