Nigerian News in Fashion- Jewel and Lisa

Hello Readers,
I mentioned earlier in the year that I will be doing few posts on what's going on in Nigerian Fashion. Today, I bring you a very popular, stylish and fierce design named Jewel by lisa. I have followed her line for the past two years and I think she is freaking talented and just absolutely creative with her use of the Ankara fabric and incorporating it into modern styles while maintaining her authenticity. Her design is so popular, she participated in the New York fashion week last year and many American Celebities like Kelis, Lala and Thandie Newton have been seen wearing her pieces.

I know it's a little late to put up spring collections, but I wanted to share anyways and let you my readers bask in a well crafted talent. I hope to meet her one day or even wear her design.

pictures via gidixclusive

Fierce n Luv

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One Response to “Nigerian News in Fashion- Jewel and Lisa”

  1. luv how she put a blue blazer on top of a green scorching dress to make it pop

    and also i luv luv luv the yellow jumpsuit!!!!!!!!!! :) xD