Splurge or Steal - Floral Pumps

Hello My Fierce Readers,

Today, I wanna share with you all a blog post on my recent purchase. I was browsing through the internet the other day on floral pumps based on my recent purchase and I came across a blog about these same shoes. In January, I saw these floral pumps by Elle at Kohl's and I'm not sure what attracted me to them other than the fact that they were glossy and they stand out. I'm all about getting few pieces that most people would not normally reach for. Since our first encounter, I have been stalking the shoes to go on sales everyday (literally) and low and behold the night before I was going to run some errands around my nearest Kohl's I found out the shoes were on sales.

On the blog I came across and mentioned earlier, the Elle floral pumps are very similar to a Alice + Olivia floral pumps that retails for approximately $300. NOW are you ready to hear the price of the steal *Drumroll please*. The Elle floral pumps, originally retail for $60 I believe, they went on sales for $16.99 and your girl paid about $12.50 with coupons.

Source: cupcakes & couture

The point is not to show off how cheap I was able to get these shoes, but how to be wise in spending big amount of cash on certain item. Because these shoes are floral, it is going to be hard to get a lot of wear out of them. So finding a cheaper alternative or waiting for the shoes to go on sales is definitely a strategy that I use all the time. I believe I also shared this in my post about my Michael Antonio cutout wedges HERE.

Same story goes for the Enzo Angiolini Infiniti I just purchased
Retail for $110-120, Got them on sales for $28

So spend wise ladies especially for college Students like Myself
What are your trick when purchasing items you like but are beyond your price range?
I am really planning on making a consistent blog post on all the items I have purchased from the beginning of the year after I get a break from school. So pleae bear with me
I hope you all have a blessed weekend
Fierce n Luv

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