The weekend- Bday!

OK so quick summary of the past week. Finals of course and then my Birthday was Thursday. Im super Grateful to God for everything, because my life itself is a testimony. And Im also thankful for how much i continue to grow each day mentally, spiritually and physically??? NAH! lol

This has to be my best birthday yet. OH! I turned nineteen *I knw i"m a baby, i get that a lot*. Let me give you a lil history about me and Birthdays. I see MY birthday as any other day of the year, except Im now a year older, give thanks to God by giving a testimony in church and call it a day. P.S ironically, I love celebrating other people's birthday. I go all out for close friends, to make sure i do everything i can to make it a special day for them.

 I'm the kind of girl who does not like too much attention and what not, I love everything in moderation. Casual is good enough for me. Initailly, I just planned dinner with my friends at school But My friend decided to surprise me this year, which really made me happy. I have a childhood friend who lives in Texas and haven't seen in about 5 yrs. She surprised me by flying down to LA for the weekend. SURPRISE!

Pictures from Dinner and others

with my beautiful childhood friend

Marylin Monroe

Michael Jackson. Oh did I mention, my Friend's boyfriend have mad style

Heading to Zara

I learned this is his everyday look- INTERESTING!

Waiting in line for that ride at knotts

Looking forward to a well rested week
I hope you all have a great week
Fierce and LUv

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4 Responses to “The weekend- Bday!”

  1. i like the sweater on the last picture, where can i get one but not v neck

  2. I bought it at a thrift store- goodwill to be specific. I don't have any particular site I can recommend but I do suggest you search for VINTAGE SWEATERS online or ask when you walk into stores.