Hair Update- TheTransitioning Fro

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to share my hair update with you all.
 I can be very spontaneous when it comes to hair styles. I just go with the flow and never have any hairstyle planned. When I went off to college two years ago, I chopped my hair and did the whole Rihanna short hair thing. I knew I was going to keep that hairstyle until my hair was healthy enough to get a weave again or whatever the case might be.

Well my friends, by last year December, I was tired of re-trimming my hair every 3 months and styling it the same way, so i decided to get braids (i absolutely loved it). By doing this i was hoping to grow out the top part of my hair, restyle it and keep it pushing. After taking the briads out, I couldn't find anyone to re-braid them for me and my hair has been lacking relaxer for abt 2 month *new growth and everything*. Thanks to visiting (i love that girl <3), (Cookie"s hair is absolutely gorgeous) and everyday, I now wanna try the whole natural thing.

For now, my hair is about three month transitioning and im loving it. I do have frustrating days (really frustrating and annoying days lol) where this hair will just sit there and do NADA. For about 4 weeks, I had on all type of scarves, turban and hats *Thank God*. For my birthday, i decided to try something I saw from a video on youtube, put some tiny roller in my hair after a Cowash and let it air dry and i absolutely love the result. Since last Thursday, I've been putting the rollers before bed when im not lazy and moisturize my hair with scurl and a little bit of oil in the morning.

random picture- "Although, Im 19, Im still a kid at heart and my fav Cereal is cornflakes"

Fav shot on web cam. I mean everything looks good in black and white right?

Just found Out I took few pictures of my a jumpsuit fit for my birthday and thought i'll share.
Me and my old roommate ordered this one shoulder jumpsuit on ebay, Freshmen year
I wore it as strapless bc i'm not a big fan of one shoulder clothes, top it with my Mossimo blazer

That necklace was a DIY project, will be talking about it later

Cant wait to share my next post on sunday
I hope you all are having a great week so far
Fierce n Luv

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