Makeup Alley and Bordeaux Lips

Earlier last month I shared on my "Right now im loving post" HERE
a green dress by NINI of I said that I was gonna bug my mom to make a replica for me and behold she did with this fabric I have been saving for a year now. Yea that was birthday gift from MAMA to me.

I visited CVS today after church, I cant remember exactly why i was there again LOL but I just was and decided to take some photos in there. Speaking of Drugstore, there is a brand (RUBYKISSES) I just discovered and I have been trying some of their product. Few weeks ago, I bought their Bordeaux lipstick because I have been hungry for some of that color. I tried it today and mixed it with NYC wine lipstick...absolutely love the results.

A DIY necklace

Nini's dress. I just love everything about the structure of the dress, very feminine yet has fierceness to it.


The whole look was made with drugstore makeup. Maybelline Fit foundation, Elf eyeshadow, Nyx concealer, Ruby Kisses Lipstick mixed with Nyc berry lipstick

Im startingto fall in love with the forever 21 nailpolish. Here I have the F21 nail polish in sea green i think, the orange is by Sinful color(drugstore) and top coat is Ruby Kisses(luv the finishing shine)

Dress- DIY (by mommy dearest)
Necklace- DIY
Purse- Store Somewhere lol
Sunglasses- Forever 21
Shoes- Fahrenheit
Ring- gift
I hope you all have a great week
Until next time
Fierce n Luv

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  1. I must say, I love your version a lot more!

  2. Thk you ASley. Sorry for replying so late. please subscibe!!!