Rising Again- Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone,
 I hope everyone is enjoying this day. I Know I did, not only because of the delicious Ham, mashed potatoes, greens and buttery biscuits I had at my pastor's house but because of the reason we actually celebrate Easter. The resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This post is not to preach, its just to call everyone's attention to something important. You don't have to a christian to read and understand this, Its just a little message I thought I'll share.

Today's service my pastor gave three important message about Resurrection which are:
-The VALIDITY of Resurrection- documentation that shows Jesus lived, died and rose again.
- The VALUE of Resurrection- confirmation of salvation and conquering on death
- The VICTORY of Resurrection- victory over sin through resurrection.

Throughout the HISTORY of religion, Christ was the only teacher who died and rose again. This rising from the death is what makes Christianity distinctive from every other religion. Because he died we could live.

The moral of this whole story is LOVE. LOVE so huge, no one can comprehend. Love so great, he forgot his glory and laid his life for people who do not deserve it (b/c our sinful nature). When he went up on the cross he didn't specify who he was dying for, he died for everyone (Muslims, Jews, traditional worshipers etc). We still do not live a perfect life because of our sinful nature but One thing he assures us is ETERNAL LIFE, which no other great religion teacher promise its followers.

So it is true when they say LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Love can make one do unimaginable things like dying on a old raggedy cross. An interesting sentence I got from my daily devotion few days ago goes:
Lord, help us to love with pure motives and for the good of others. Help us to love unconditionally, expecting nothing in return. —David Roper. THATS TRUE LOVE, LOVING WITHOUT ANY IMPULSE.

I hope I didn't bore you all, BUT HOPEFULLY gave you all something to think about. For me, when anyone ask me if I'm scared to die, my answer is No! I am not afraid of death because I have been promised eternity.

I Hope you all have a great week
Fierce and Luv

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