Gotta Love you some Abby

Just in case you guys don't know I love the4acaes of the 4acesdate. My favorite is ABBBBBBY! My gosh, I think she has mad style and I have been following her blog since last summer *although, i didn't officially click the follower button* Anyways, I will be sharing lots of style posts from her a lot now but here is her most recent style post from her trip to visit Ozzy in Nigeria. You just gotta love these girls

Ozzy on left, Abby on the right

Their afro is popping huh? phew....will get there one day

You can visit the 4acesdate at
and visit abby's blog at theabby'

I dont know if im looking forward to the summer
but I'm glad the sun is slowing staying here in riverside.
And I do hope for something interesting to happen after this stressful school year is over

Fierce and love

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